The Dream Of Opening My Own Beauty Salon TherealfouzBeauty

Even before starting social media, I always wanted to open my own salon. At that time, I didn’t have the capabilities since I was still a student and didn’t have the financial means to open a facility as big as I have now, which is around 700 square meters in size. Creating my salon “The Real Fouz Beauty” is one of the biggest achievements I’ve ever accomplished for myself. Although it was a very long and complicated process it was definitely worth it.

The process started by choosing the perfect location. I found a really beautiful location, which I chose specifically because of the fact that it’s close to a university and a couple of hotels, since I know that a lot of my followers who visit from abroad come to Kuwait and stay at hotels located on or near the Gulf Road. I found that this location would be very convenient for visitors as well as for students that attend the nearby university. They can visit the salon during their breaks or time off and relax and pamper themselves. Another aspect of the location that was important is that I wanted it to be in a mall because I felt that it was a more luxurious feel for customers when they visit.

When we got the keys to the salon, it was an empty space with no ceilings or flooring, so we had to create and design everything from scratch. I was part of the entire process and I actually learned a lot from it. There were also some set-backs with choosing the right designer and finding a team that understood my vision and implemented exactly what I had in mind, which is why the whole process took nearly two years to complete. As for the atmosphere of the salon, I wanted to create a place that felt like my own home. I wanted it to have a cozy yet elegant feel and make my followers and customers feel like they are visitors in my home.

As for the services available at the salon, you will find everything from hair and extensions to nails to eyebrows and everything in between. We also have a spa center where you can get a facial, massage, and even a luxurious Moroccan bath. We even have private rooms including a VIP room and bridal room that you can book for an event or wedding that’s located in a separate part of the salon, so it’s completely private and away from other customers. These rooms include a shower, TV, nail chairs and you can get all your treatments done as well as VIP treatments. I wanted everything to be affordable so everyone can enjoy from students to workers to busy moms. I tried to make The Real Fouz Beauty especially convenient for moms as we made a kids room where moms can drop their kids off for an hour or two while getting their services done. I know it can be a struggle and a hassle for moms to find time to just take a break and pamper themselves without feeling guilty about leaving their kids behind, which is why I came up with this idea. For staff, I handpicked every staff member and personally sat down and interviewed the m all. I even tried out each staff members work on myself just to be completely sure that their work fits the standard that I’m looking for.

I can’t wait to welcome all my beautiful followers to my second home, The Real Fouz Beauty, and pamper you like crazy!


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